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I have a Radio Shack 63-1016 weather station linked (serial port) to VWS ver 15.00 that's been operating for over 5 years until my PC crashed (motherboard fail).  OS: Windows XP Pro.  I repaired and brought the PC back online, reinstalling VWS.  Everything is working fine except the "\vws\data\archive\daily" folder records headers only, but no data.  All the old data is still in the folder up to 4/10/14 (crash date), but since I restarted VWS on 5/12/14 no data (temperature, wind direction, winds speed, humidity, etc) is being record-only the heading for each day.  Everything else is working great.  What do I need to do correct this?
Thank you.  Gerry.

Go under Settings>File Settings> Make sure everything is checked on there and that an Interval of update is specified.

Hello again.   I followed your instructions under [Settings] > [File Settings] and found the proper boxes were check-marked and an interval of 20 minutes selected. BUT, I forgot to look in the "Create/Modify File List" and check the "value" boxes of the data I wanted to archieve (i.e. Wind Direction,  Wind Speed, Outdoor Temp, etc.).  That solved my problem.  But you did put me on the correct track and want to say "thank you" for your advice.   :-)
 Gerry (Sundance).

No problem, glad I could help.


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