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Am trying to install my new Logitech C920 webcam and have run into a problem I can't seem to rectify. The webcam installation went fine. However, when I tried to access the camera via ImageSalsa (version 1) it didn't see the new webcam. So, I decided to install V2 of IS and see what would happen. That's when my new problems began. I installed the V2 in a separate folder in an attempt to keep the original working copy of V1 running. The V2 install seemed to go just fine but when trying to run it, it doesn't see the new webcam. So, I went back to V1 and it too had stopped working and I couldn't see either the new or old webcam.

So, I decided to reinstall V1 in an attempt to get back to a working camera again. Now, I am getting several errors during the install of V1. See the images below.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what may be going on? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate. The computer is my ACER with a 32-bit OS.

I believe it's an 'either or' situation, not 'and', i.e. Windows won't allow both installations.  Try uninstalling both and then installing ImageSalsa V2?

Thanks Jerry. I have uninstalled both ImageSalsa 1 and ImageSalsa 2. I then installed ImageSalsa 2 from scratch. It would not run. It immediately died and gave me a blue-screen of death. So, uninstalled IS2, rebooted and then installed IS1. Same result - BOD...

Have now gone back and run Glary Utilities 4. Nothing of any significance found. A complete of Malwarebytes also shows nothing. I am now running my website sans any webcam. Rebooting had no effect either.

I guess I will have to go back and check to see what may be wrong. All I wanted to do was to get my new webcam on-line and BOOM!  ](*,)

Have you tried System Restore (to get your version 1 back)?

Not yet but it is a potential route to take.


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