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Hello, I have ImageSalsa Weather Edition 1.9.14 and I am trying to set up the web server. I have the canvas set up the way I want it and it is working perfectly. I have done all my port forwarding through my router and have the IP to use and checked that the port is open and it is. Under the "Web Server" tab I have "Serve Canvas on Web Server" checked and the "Web Server File Name" is set to "canvas.jpg". Under the "Internet" option from the top for the "Web Server Setup" I have "Enable Internal Web-Server" box checked and "Enable Non-Canvas Web Server" box checked and the port set which I have set in my router as well. The web server file directory is set to "web". Here is my problem. It is not creating a file in the web file directory to connect to. Is there something I am missing or overlooking? Any suggestions?


Just wondering if you ever got Image Salsa working for you. I can see your webcam image is streaming.

Sorry, I am just now seeing this. I don't get on very often. Yes I did get it working. I don't remember now what it was. I am having a small issue at the moment with real time updates from ImageSalsa. It worked fine until I installed a new security appliance with new firewall and network software. Something is blocking the real time updates for the web server. Just not sure what at the moment. Still trying to debug that but overall it is working.


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