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I don't know where to post this so here goes.
If possible a USER defined feature to display any additional CSV file.  I would like to add my online geiger  counter. The Radiation Logging SW already creates a csv file.
All I need is to use a user defined display (name it Counts Per Minute counter), pointing it to my Rad SW csv file.

Thanks Tom 

Cant see this making its way into VWS.  VWS doesnt really even show it owns csv files within the GUI.
However if you want to display online, it would be easy to incorporate it into a website in CSV format.  Or create a PHP to pull out the value you are looking for.


Andy Thompson:
I know this topic has not been brought up for awhile, and maybe you have found a solution. I highly doubt that any new features requested to Ed  will ever go into VWS. He hasn't even come out with an update for the software for a really long time.

There are still beta updates being made to Virtual Weather Station, although few if any additional features are being added.

Main issue is that Ed (VWS programmer) doesn't come by here as far as we know.  Any suggestions or requests for additional features should be sent directly to him at


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