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Working on "next Solstice/Equinox" script


Hello All:

For the longest time, I've been trying to add some code to my page that says something like:

"Time until the next Solstice/Equinox:  11 weeks, 5 days, 13 hours, and 40 minutes"

When the countdown ends - it should start up again using the next equinox/solstice.

I have yet to be able to code it myself or find it on the web.  The code I wrote could only show the time from one Spring Equinox to the next  :-(

Well, I finally found some free javascript that is close to what I want; however, it can only show a countdown to the four individual events, not a countdown until the "next" event.  Here is an example:


The code is here:


I think the code can be modified to do what I want; however, its WAY over my head. Can anyone see an easy way to "tweak" the JS to generate the one line I need (above)?

Fyi, I made a quick reference page to show what some of the JS calls do in the code:


I guess I should add that my site can use PHP as well  :-)

FWIW, heres another site that has the four events countdown:


Any help would keep me from blowing my brains out  ](*,)

I was able to obtain this script and add it to my site.  Thanks for all who tried to help  =D>


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