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I would like to start a discussion about current weather conditions and deciding how to quantify what is happening right now.

I know software like Weather Display has a Icon + description for the current wearher conditions. 

Some of the descriptions can be Dry, Raining, Stopped Raining, Snowing etc...

I guess we would start with some basics

1) Is it Raining?
2) Is it Snowing? 
3) Is it Cloudy?
4) Is it Misty?
5) Is it Foggy?
6) Is it Hailing?
7) Is it Daytime?
8) Is Solar Radiation very high?
9) Barometric trend? 1 hour or 3 hour trend?
10) Temperature
11) Temperature Trend
12) Visibility - what can define visibility?
+ Lots more I assume like Wind, humidity, dew point ?

Some of these are really seperate discussions as well. Like how to tell how cloudy it is? It it hailing?

I think with this information we could create a very usefull shared function that people could use for any weather releated projects that they may be working on. It also means we are all on a common ground point so data would be known to be accurate (we hope)

I think one weather variable per topic would be a good start - so for example I may start a post called "Is It Misty" and another "Is It Foggy"

What are your thoughts?


I saw your fog calculator post.  I personally wouldn't want to post a visibility "calculation" from my dewpoint data, especially because fog can be so patchy, at least around here.  Some people have used a leaf-wetness sensor tucked inside a stevenson shield to detect fog.  I'll probably use a web-cam for "observed" fog, which is a cheaper solution for me than a sensor array, easier than math (although a good exercise) and more fun for users of my site.

While I like messing with a bit of code here and there, you can't beat the simplicity of the Donkey Tail Barometer...

I like the idea of the Donkey but would like something better.

I will work on this over the next few months as I really would like to try to identify (if possible) the data behind these trends.

But Earthquakes play a part in my life at the moment - we had a 5.5 and a 6 today - plus heaps of others. I lost power for 3+ hours and my house has more cracks than yesterday - I was concerned if my weather station was still on the roof (it is )

If interested see my site at

Just to put things into perspetive we have had 6,700+ earthquakes in my town since September 2010!

Sometimes weather takes a back stop!!!




As far as described conditions, whether they be observed or automatic, I would recommend using the METAR international standard for reporting conditions as well as cloud cover.

There is a PDF out there with the entire spec available on the net.

Good luck with those quakes, I cannot even imagine what it must be like there.


--- Quote from: wuhu_software on June 18, 2011, 02:02:10 PM ---Good luck with those quakes, I cannot even imagine what it must be like there.

--- End quote ---

It is very different  - Everyone is always waiting on the next one.

We have had a 5.6 + a 6.3 this week + heaps of others 2,3,4

Incase anyone is interested see this site of mine on the earthquakes at



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