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For some reason my current condition icon is not switching to the night time icon after sunset. I'm assuming this would be a WU problem based on the fact that that is where the conditions come from for VWS. I also know where assuming gets you! Anyone ever experienced this or have any thoughts?

This is the page I'm referring to:

Too early...

I've expereinced tons of problems with the VWS current conditions icons including the day/night thing. The one that really got me was every now and then an icon would get locked into a state showing ridiculous readings (32deg in August in SWFL) and no amount of restarting would fix it. Eventually after a few days it would start working properly again. At first I thought the METAR might be messed up but the METAR file that VWS was downloading was correct.

I ended up just turning them off so I wouldn't have to look at them.


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