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Andy Thompson:
Same here. I'd recommended that you go back to using the wxreport.txt file because I only update my database every 30 minutes. I do not want to increase that rate as it will  eventually fill VWS's database up to its max and then it will quit running properly. I also have the same problem with all of the tabs displaying nothing. Just a blank space. I then have to keep restarting the program to bring back the displays.

I do like the fact that we're trying to add the CWOP functionality to the base edition.  Using the dbase file seems to be the only way to do it without upgrading.

Perhaps we could have a choice of using either the dbase method or the wxreport file.


--- Quote from: Andy Thompson on January 18, 2011, 06:25:39 PM ---Why isn't there that option to automatically start this program at Windows start up?

--- End quote ---

You can fix that by putting a VWSaprs icon in your startup folder.  At least it is working for me........

Same problms here. Once the program is started and then when you open it back up, all the data screens are blank. Nothing but tabs showing.

Also, it only sent an update once and then stopped. Restarted the program, it would send 1 update and then none after that.

Fell back to the old version and all is working fine.

I'm liking the direction this is headed, but there seems to be a few bugs to work out.


Andy Thompson:
One thing I noticed, since they don't use the wxreport.txt file anymore and they instead use the database file, VWSaprs sends an update every time my VWS database updates (which is every 30 minutes). I suggest that they go back to using the wxreport.txt file. It all worked fine before they changed it.
I also don't understand how to use that calculator thing for the latitude and longitude.


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