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On WeatherCloud's main web page there are some indicators that mobile apps are coming soon for Android and iOS. I never noticed them before as I don't frequent the main page and instead I just jump into my dashboard view. Anyone know how long these may have been showing here? I wonder when soon is?

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A long time.


--- Quote from: galfert on July 25, 2019, 01:55:14 PM ---Anyone know how long these may have been showing here? I wonder when soon is?

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LOOOOONG time, i guess no.

Just checked their website. There is now no mention of an app becoming available. Looking through the website it says you can access their app through your smart phone but I see nothing on Google Play that it's available.
I wonder if they scrapped the plans for an app.
Sent them an email regarding this matter.

We'd like to make Android/iOS app for WeatherCloud. We have also there our data from our PWS, but WeatherCloud has many restrictions... We also tried contact them for permission, but without success.

It's a pitty... It's about year and they still have no mobile app for download :(

If they give us permission, we are ready to start developing app for this service for their users... For free. unfortunately there is no interest on their side.


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