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WeatherCloud has been around since about February 2014 and we finally have a subforum in for this weather service! Hooray!

WeatherCloud just announced the release of their website with version Beta 8. There are some new features with the map and other things. Also not mentioned in the below press release is that finally the Wind rose shows wind direction distribution and average wind speeds. Previously these graphs were displayed but not functional. Perhaps this was fixed prior to Beta 8 release and I missed it.

These graphs previously were shown but did not work (more information and wind details when you hover over the parts on their site):
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Press Release Notification:

--- Quote ---Weathercloud Beta 8 Now Available!
Dear user,

We are glad to introduce you Weathercloud Beta 8!

This new version brings maps layers, upgrade to Pro and Business via in-app purchase, an improved API and several other minor enhancements and bug fixes to make the platform even better.

The Weathercloud Map is now much more useful and interesting, as you can easily switch between up to 7 different layers, including devices (classic view), wind speed, temperature, humidity, rain, solar radiation and UV index, with the latter two also showing day and night zones in real time. You can also hover over the map to quickly compare current data from different stations.

We invite you to check out our latest blog post to learn more about all the new features included in Beta 8.

Thank you!
The Weathercloud team

--- End quote ---

You can read more details about this here:

still 10 minute update for free      even pay gets only 1 minute update


--- Quote from: antstrafer link=topic=37498.msg385823#msg385823
date=1563820184 ---still 10 minute update for free      even pay gets only 1 minute update

--- End quote ---
Really. They are going to charge for a 1 minute update. :roll:
I got be that email today also. Thought they finally released a an app. Guess we still have to wait for that.


--- Quote from: antstrafer on July 22, 2019, 02:29:44 PM ---still 10 minute update for free      even pay gets only 1 minute update

--- End quote ---
Yep, if any other online weather service were to offer Live or Rapidfire like uploads I think people would flock to it and not miss WU.


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