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Questions from a noob with big plans to build small

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I am new to weewx and RPi, but I have done some programming a long time ago (java, asp, php, vB) and have been using linux for the last 7 years or so.

The plan is this: get a Pi, put weewx on it, and then use data coming from e.g. a Kestrel 5500 or DROP D3.

These gadgets use BLE. The Drops start logging as soon as the battery is inserted. BLE is permanently active on those. On the 5x these things can of course be set as required. There are also a USB LiNK dongle and a USB data cable [for the 5x series] available. Maybe those can be repurposed. Kestrel LiNK runs on Android.

1) Can a Pi be equipped with bluetooth and can weewx acquire data by sniffing bluetooth traffic.
2) Since there is no Kestrel hardware in the weewx compatibility list, can the fileparse extension be used to like the guy does in this project ( to add Kestrel bluetooth item capability to the hardware list?

@ mods - should this unintentionally be in the wrong (sub) forum, please forgive me and move it.

Thank you for looking.

Since Pi boards are currently only available to people with pockets as deep as Mr. Musk's, I now have weewx and apache running on an old MacBook running ubuntu. Since I am new to this I did a Debian install and I am regretting this as finding stuff is a right pita. I have already found the fileparse files but I do not seem to manage to copy things to the right place for them to work. The only advice I found is for .py installs and I lack the knowledge to transpose those to a .deb install.

Can anyone please explain to me how to install the fileparse extension so it appears as an option in the drivers matrix?

Thanks for looking.

Have you read through the instructions for the fileparse extension? The installation instructions are listed near the top:

--- Quote from: Stormbringer on April 26, 2022, 09:58:30 PM ---Since I am new to this I did a Debian install and I am regretting this as finding stuff is a right pita.

--- End quote ---

Debian was the best choice if you eventually plan on transitioning to a Pi or similar board. I wouldn't call debian or weewx a PITA though. You've chosen to use a Python based Linux application for a use-case that isn't supported directly out of the box. If you have no or little Python/Linux experience then a learning curve was to be expected.

If you have specific weewx questions, I'm happy to try to provide answers. However, it sounds like you haven't fully read through the weewx documentation and that's where I would recommend starting.

Debian instructions are here:

However, I would read through this first (note the required skills section):

Lastly, if you're really not all that interested in learning to setup weewx on debian yourself then that's okay. It's not everyone's cup of tea. WeeWX is only one of many options out there to check out. If you come to the conclusion that WeeWX is really the only option for what you want to do then there is absolutely nothing wrong with paying someone to set it up for you. The WeeWX user group would probably be the best place to look for that kind of help (or really WeeWX help in general).


--- Quote from: Stormbringer on April 26, 2022, 09:58:30 PM ---... I now have weewx and apache running on an old MacBook running ubuntu.
--- End quote ---

Onto this machine I did a .deb install of weewx, where the files are in completely different places than if I had done a .py install. Therefore I found reading not nearly as instructive as you suggest, because those instructions are for a .py install. I did not say weewx or debian were a pita but finding the stuff referred to in those instructions for a .py install on a .deb install is a pita. Or rather, transposing the instructions for a .py install to a .deb install.

If I was not interested in learning I would not have posted my question, because all it would have taken were a couple of useful pointers in the right direction, and I would have been off tinkering again.

Thank you for your answer which was helpful in one respect - I now know that asking a question regarding the installation of a weewx extension on a subforum for weewx software is not a good idea. That is more than I knew yesterday.

PS. I now have fileparse as a driver option (no credit to you though - sheer tinkering/trial-error/logic). Next: getting D3 data into the machine via bluetooth and written into a file for fileparse to parse.

Glad you got it sorted. Best of luck to you mate.


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