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Need OS X Compatible Software Recommendation for Uploading Weather Data


Hello everyone,

Well, I just helped my dear old dad install a LaCrosse WS-2317U Weather Station at the house I grew up in.  I am interesting in adding it to the Wunderground network (mostly for selfish reasons).  It seems this task would be much easier if my parents used PC's, but alas, my mom switched to the dark side a few years ago and her Macs are running OS X Leopard.

It appears from looking at the Wunderground site that there are a several free/low-cost PC apps for uploading Weather Station Data.  However, from what I have found, I will not be able to get a registered piece of weather station software that runs on OS X for less than about $70 US.  The two I have found are Lightsoft Weather Center ($79) and Weather Display ($73). I dunno how much wview costs, but it looks super confusing to install. However, if someone has it and reassures me that it's not as bad/convoluted as it looks, maybe I will give it a shot.

Does anyone have information about an application I can use to upload weather data through OS X for around $30 (Free would be great too)?  The Heavyweather software that came with the station isn't Mac compatible.  If you have a semi-simple workaround for getting a certain app to run on Mac that might work too (but I am not very Mac technical savvy).

Thanks people!

Im sure you'll get alot of different opinions on this. Ive been using Weather Display for almost a year now without any major flaws. The flaws Ive had were self inflicted  #-o The author "Brian" is allways adding updates that people suggest. Thats my 2 cent opinion.

My mom decided she might fork out the 70-80 bucks anyways, and she chose Lightsoft Weather Center because it looked nicer from the web page screenshots.  So I went ahead and got all the hardware hooked up to make sure it would work on the Mac laptop before we started stringing wires all across the house to hook it up to the desktop. Well after a few minutes of uploading the weather data from the weather station (LaCrosse 2317), the wind alarm on the station display went off and I looked up and it was showing the notorious 57 mph false report.  From what I understand, fixing that is a pretty involved process of switching one or all of the phone lines to CAT-5 cable.  So, I think we are just gonna wait to upload weather data until we upgrade the weather station to an improved model, which will likely be a year or two down the road.  I guess if I get a wild hair I can switch the cable but for now I have no plans to do so.

Thanks for the response.

i switched all of my wires to cat5e and have only gotten 1 spike, and that was caused by me unplugging the Wind wire from the outside sensor to clean it without turning everything off.


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