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I just gotta make a comment about the apps available from WU for the iPhone.
WunderRadio. (text quoted from a review)

--- Quote ---"Weather Underground has launched a new iPhone application that gives users access to thousands of streaming Internet radio stations powered by RadioTime’s extensive guide.  Available in the iPhone App Store for $5.99, the new WunderRadio taps iPhone's GPS capability to locate nearby radio stations including NOAA weather radio streams.  Through the RadioTime guide, users can quickly and easily find radio content from thousands of stations worldwide. Users can browse by genre or location to see what is available for their tastes, locations and connections and can also build a list of their favorite stations providing instant access to a personalized directory.  Thanks to WunderRadio, users can also access radio scanners to pick up local police, fire and EMS agencies across the U.S. Alan Steremberg, president of Weather Underground explained that the initial impetus behind this application was to provide iPhone users with instant access to local weather radio streams.  During development, Weather Underground decided to extend the scope of radio stations offered by working with RadioTime, which resulted in an easy to use portal to over 60,000 of the best talk, music and sports radio stations around the globe."
--- End quote ---
It is really a great app!  Thanks!

WU also released Who Is Hot.

--- Quote ---"Discover who your fair weather friends are!  Instantly check the current weather for all friends and family in your iPhone or iTouch contacts folder. View a list of your contacts alongside current temperatures and general conditions for each person's default location. Each entry is color-coded according to temperature and touching the weather conditions icon next to any contact will automatically take you to a detailed weather report for that location.  Using the iPhone's GPS function, your current location's weather conditions are always listed first, so the application acts as a digital thermometer. The distance between your current location and each of your contacts is also displayed. You can sort your contacts list by this distance or by contact name and temperature.  Step off a plane anywhere in the world and instantly check the local weather conditions or see who your nearest contacts are. Alternatively, you can check on the weather for your friends and family back home.  Download for free now and find out who is hot and who is not."
--- End quote ---
And the best thing about this one, it's FREE!

Must be nice and IPhone  :shock:     I think I'm stuck with my Virgin Moble phone for the next 2 year when the economy is supposed pickup, unless I get laid off or the factory close up then I'll be borrowing someone else's phone.   

I saw this when I bought my Blackberry, but even with a recent firmware update, I'm not able to play the audio streams on my phone.  Maybe one of these days...

I made an iPhone web app for my site.  You can see screenshots and get the link here:

I'm a Blackberry user and would love to be able to get to personal wether stations with a phone app. Loading them on the browser is too slow due to all the data.


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