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Moon phase display reversed ?
« on: January 02, 2012, 09:06:14 PM »
This is with the Broadcast display of the moon and may not be an important issue, however it may be of interest to others. I downloaded the latest VWS version, have it up and running - no problems !  (Am running an old WMR968 station.)
1) The display shows the moon waxing at the start, progresses to full moon then wanes to the end, times are correct for my Lat. /Lon. (Southern hemisphere), but the icons, (images are a little fuzzy) show the start of the first quarter is at the Ocean of Storms side of the moon and finishing at the last quarter at the Sea of Tranquility side.
This is wrong as the moon should start to appear at the Sea of Tranquility side (near where the first moon landing took place, it looks like two fingers pointing down (or up).
Easy to fix just make a backup copy of the moon icons then rename all in the reverse order (actually only need to do icons 3 to 28).
2) VWS shows the moon phases beginning from the right proceeding to the left, correct for the Northern latitudes,
being in the Southern hemisphere, this is wrong as for me the moon appears to begin from the left and progress to the right ! Also easy to fix, copy/backup again then rotate the images 180 deg.
I suspect this errata may have been the case with previous versions, importantly tho VWS is keeping my weather records accurate, so I'm happy ! Cheers Ozzzie.
For further simple info on moon phases go here -