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AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Access Connection Issues
« Last post by nincehelser on Today at 04:08:12 AM »
They replied," We are not able to tell you the exact remediation to the Access. The correction is proprietary information. " I didn't realized they were running a top secret mission with low to mid end consumer weather stations.

They remember you, Drew, as I do.  They aren't being fooled.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Access Connection Issues
« Last post by DrewShock on Today at 02:29:50 AM »
Update to my Access issues.

I received my Access back from Acurite after a month and then I tested it for 10 ten days. You can see the stats below. The smartHUB still out performs the Access for my two main sensors. The Access does seem to do better with not cutting out for hours but it still misses lots of data points. I'm not at the location where it is but I had someone simulate quick power outages and it seemed to work. I'll test it myself next month.

When I asked what they did to make it work better the answer was, "fine tune the antenna", which l doesn't help me much as I wanted to apply it myself to my other faulty Access.  I asked them what they did specifically to fix the Access losing connection after short power outages of less than 6 seconds and then taking 6+ hours to reconnect.

They replied," We are not able to tell you the exact remediation to the Access. The correction is proprietary information. " I didn't realized they were running a top secret mission with low to mid end consumer weather stations.

The people helping me from Acurite were very accommodating and I felt like they really tried to make it work right. I just wish they would tell me what they did so I wouldn't have to send my other one in and could fix it myself. Still not sure it does work right until I can test it in person.

Below are the number of missed data points in 10 days. The number in parenthesis is the most it missed in a row for those ten days.
My 20ft away roof 5 in 1 - smartHUB 1 (1), Access 61 [8]  smartHub much better on this one.
My 60ft away roof 5 in 1 - smartHUB 49 (25), Access 127 [8] again smartHUB better here too although Access missed less in a row.
My 40ft away patio sensor (this is a tower sensor that is about 5 ft off the ground and very old so I don't rely on it since it has issues. I just included it to show the Access does better with my low sensor than my roof ones, which is unfortunate.
     smartHUB 2656 (130), Access 478 (28)

At this point there seems to be some improvement especially not dropping out for hours on end, which is good. But it's still somewhat disappointing that it misses many data points. At least it helped some. I think most of the improvement was from me extending the antenna 3ft and down through a rain drain hole so it's outside the plastic case on my far (60ft away) sensor.
hi attila ive added the hungarian but it wont appear for a few weeks perhaps mid February(sincere apologies) there are some other enhancements and changes coming that need to be added to the API mostly based around sun module and  averages for various other data as now it will use the internal meteobridge data as opposed to scripts to determine sunrise-set moon rise etc .these values need to be added to the API output so will wait until Boris returns ..also newer data based on hourly averages and daily averages
again using meteobridge values .

for example the number is the corresponding template number
123 [th0temp-avg60:--]
152 [th0temp-davg:--]
153 [mbsystem-lunarsegment:--]
154 [mbsystem-lunarpercent:--]
155 [mbsystem-sunrise:--]
156 [mbsystem-sunset:--]
157 [mbsystem-daylength]
and so on this will reduce use of additional scripts therefore improve loading times as the calculations are done in the meteobridge itself and readily available to use via the MBrealtimeupload.txt.

make no mistake meteobridge is a very self sufficient effective weather station device there is not a lot you cant do ..brian

Ambient Weather Station / WS-2902a firmware not appearing
« Last post by madkiwi on Today at 12:17:05 AM »
Last week I had some weird behavior, and was advised here to update the WS-2902a firmware from 4.0.7, I see we're now up to 4.0.10

I was at the house Saturday. Opened AWNET, I was expecting 4.0.8 but no updates showed up.

Is it fixed yet?

Very nice write up. I can also see this being a potential issue for those people that set up a Raspberry Pi and run WeeWx and the Interceptor driver. The premise is the same. To update you'll need to put your awnet app device in the same network subnet physically.

And for even more completeness it is actually possible to be on different subnets and still see another network device but only if network routes to each subnet have been defined on the router or layer 3 switch and if proper access rights are given when using VLANs. Yep I know this is above most home network weather hobbyists. Saying that you need to be in the same subnet or no workie is like saying nobody can legally drive above the speed limit, but there are exceptions like if you are a police officer with proper cause, or in the case of different subnets the exception is you have advanced hardware to enable traffic between subnets.
WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by WSWeather on Yesterday at 10:50:47 PM »
I see your station on wundermap

Hang tight for the other map, that still on the old system and we're not updating that.

You mean we're going to be stuck with that ridiculous "wundermap" and nothing else?  Are you going to fix it so it saves preferences such center, zoom levels, etc?  Because right now it is unusable.
I bought my WS-2000 off Amazon because of their return policy and AW's high shipping fees.  If I ever needed to return anything during the 1 year warranty, the slightly higher cost on Amazon would be worth it.  As far as the 3rd party warranty, it's not really a 4 year warranty, it's 3 years, covering years 2, 3 and 4 while the manufacturer's warranty covers year 1. 
I wonder why Square Trade wasn't used?  I've heard fairly consistent ratings from them at least.
Ambient Weather Station / Re: Talk me into a WS-2000
« Last post by Ski Pro 3 on Yesterday at 10:21:23 PM »
I believe the recommended height for mounting temp sensors is around 5-6 feet above ground..

That depends on the ground; pavement/concrete, bare dirt, sod, etc, but the ideal height for wind is 33'.  The WS-2000 can add up to 8 additional thermometers.  It's easier to do that than to try and remote the anemometer. 
The rain gauge should be closer to the ground as well from what I read, but I compare to 3 rain cans and they all are within .10" after a 3+" rain event.  That's plenty close enough for me too. 
It's no secret that having all the sensors in one array is a compromise, but AW addresses it with the extra sensors seems to be a fairly economical solution if it matters.   
My primary function for my weather station is to forecast fire danger.  The electric company where I live has started turning off the power when certain conditions indicate a high fire risk.  I'd like to know when my area is approaching those conditions so I can get my genny out and ready.  It's one thing to loose power in the winter, there are ways to stay warm and keep foods cold for a weather related outage due to storm weather, but it's another when those conditions, like those of wild fire, can exist for days.  Even after conditions are lifted, every foot of electric conductor must be visually inspected before restoring power in case a branch or tree is down from the winds.  In mountainous terrain, an outage could last many days.  Heat is much more likely to kill than a wild fire, but that's something the politicians will have to sort out with the electric utility companies.
Ambient Weather Station / Re: Talk me into a WS-2000
« Last post by wase4711 on Yesterday at 09:53:13 PM »
I mounted my WS-2000 array at 33' up on a pole.  It constantly measures warmer at night than ground temps by 3 or 4 degrees.  So I took it down and put it right with my stand alone indoor/outdoor thermometer.  They read the same.  Then I placed both back up on the pole.  Again, within a degree of each other.  Put them both back where they started from and the thermometer up in the air continues to read warmer at night. 
I can only conclude that the air streaming over the house is slightly warmer than the more still ground temps.

I believe the recommended height for mounting temp sensors is around 5-6 feet above ground..

I'm thinking of purchasing a Ambient WS-2000 from Amazon so that I can get the 4 year Extended Protection Plan for $23.  The protection plan is from "Asurion Lawn & Garden".  They have 43% 5 star and 24% 4 star, 14% 3 star and 19% 1 star rankings for their reviews.  Quite the mixed bag...

Has anyone here purchased and attempted to use this protection plan with a weather station?

I searched all for "asurion" and nothing came up...

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