Author Topic: Interesting read about past predictions of climate change effects & scenarios  (Read 4776 times)

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Without divulging my pro or con personal climate change opinions lest I start a flame war, here is an interesting article concerning past climate change predictions.
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In the 70's there were many who thought we were entering another ice age.  I have a weather book from that period that discusses thoughts around setting of nucear bmbs in the artic to increase the temperature!!!!

I need to learn more about how temperature averages are calculated, how accurate estimates are from ice cores, etc.  I feel like I don't have enough information and knowledge to evaluate statements on either side. 

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After a Severe Blizzard hit the Ohio Valley in 1978 (, a local TV meteorologist predicted several blizzards for the following winters (while advertising for a local car dealership selling 4 wheel drive vehicles).

An ABC News broadcast about the blizzard makes reference to "our shift in the climate"
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