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Here's what I use to monitor the weather.

Nimbus Ultra Thermometer (spec +/- 0.2F)

RM Young FARS for the Nimbus sensor

Kollsman Altimeter Setting Indicator (spec +/- 0.007 inHg)

Close up of the dial

Belfort Barograph (spec +/- 0.005 inHg)

Close up of the pen

Aquatech Barograph (spec +/- 0.007 inHg)

Princo Mercury Barometer (spec +/- 0.001 inHg)

Kessler Min/Max Thermometers and Psychrometer (spec +/- 0.4F)

Standard Rain Gauge

RM Young Wind Monitor

OSI WIVIS (Visibility and Precipitation Type) with Hail Sensor

Heathkit IDW-5001-C (Factory assembled)

All my old Heathkit stuff I used when I was a kid. Just sitting in a closet now collecting dust.

At some point I want to get a dewpoint sensor and ceilometer.

 :shock: Very nice!! You'll probably get some queries about that old Heathkit equip. in the closet.

George Richardson:
NiceBill, RIP, is turning over in his grave, green with envy.

VERY nice toys!


Very Very nice equipment.....If they could just speak! The stories they could tell.

very cool but I am very jealous.


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