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Faulty Atlas wind extension kit


I just purchased an Atlas bundle with wi-fi display. I was getting good wind speed and direction readings. I then attached the anemometer onto a pole with the wind extension kit. I am still getting good wind speed readings, but the direction is stuck at WSW. I double checked everything. No loose connections or pinched wires. What would cause this? A faulty cable maybe?

My guess is that it is a cable problem.

I had a similar problem where a bad cable caused the wind direction to be struck at 22. It was replaced under warranty by AcuRite.

One suggestion is to make sure the wind vane is properly secured to the shaft by applying pressure to ensure it snaps into place.

Maybe pop if off and then snap it back on making sure the flat side of the shaft aligns with the flat side of the wind vain.

I reconnected it to the main unit, and it works fine. Then I tried the wind extension cable again, and the wind direction still sticks at WSW. Obviously a bad cable.


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