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Anenometer installation height

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Lord Volvo:
Compromises, indeed.  Living in an older suburb has many mature trees nearby but I still manage to catch enough wind with my old Heathkits. [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]


--- Quote from: src on April 27, 2023, 04:53:06 PM ---Thanks for the various comments.

My proposed site is 50m from a single tree which is only about 5m tall. Other than the low stone wall (<1m) there are no buildings nor other trees within about 120m.

At this site I won't be able to fit guy ropes - the cattle in the field would trip over them and either pull the guys out of the ground or pull the mast down!

I have a 12ft long pole which is 42mm external diameter (1 2/3 inch). It is rather like a scaffolding pole but I think it is either an old handrail or piece of old iron heating pipe. It is quite heavy but also very rigid and will not sway in the wind.

I propose to secure it to the gatepost using two of these:

I may let the lower end of the pipe rest on a rock on the ground to take some of the weight.

To the top of this Iíll clamp a 6ft x 1inch pipe on top of which I can secure my Ecowitt WS90 (which is designed to fit on top of a 1inch mast).

With an overlap of 1 foot where the two poles are strapped together Iíll end up with a mast reaching 17ft (5m) which I think is enough. Iíll set correction to 10%.

With only 5ft of thinner pole being unsupported hopefully there will be little wind-induced sway. If there is significant sway I could lower the top pole and restrap the two poles with a much larger overlap and a shorter top section.

Iíll let you knowÖ

--- End quote ---

I said I'd report back but I never did. I installed as described above. It has kept steady with only slight movement in 50mph gusts.

Photo attached. Am I far enough from trees, buildings etc?  :lol:


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