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Weewex + WS90 show "evapotranspiration"!?


One day, my weewex + WS90 started to show "evapotranspiration". It replaced the rainfall. What happened?
(Not sure but I think it happened after the previous GW2000 software update.)

WU shows precipitations and it seems to match with what actually happens outdoors but it's not matching the evapotranspiration readings.

Is this because it's winter and weewx wont count rain outside of the raining season? <- just a thought.

--- Quote ---...Users with a piezo rainfall gauge only

Users with a piezo rainfall gauge and using the default field map will see the piezo rainfall data appear in WeeWX 'p_' fields as per the above table. It is likely that most users will instead want the piezo rain data to appear in the 'standard' WeeWX rainfall fields which will entail using a custom field map. The easiest way to create a custom field map for the piezo rain is to add suitable entries under the [GW1000] [[field_map_extensions]] stanza. A suitable custom field map to map piezo rain to the 'standard' WeeWX rainfall fields may look something like:

--- End quote ---

--- Code: ---[[field_map_extensions]]

     rain = p_rain
     stormRain = p_rainevent
     rainRate = p_rainrate
     dayRain = p_rainday
     weekRain = p_rainweek
     monthRain = p_rainmonth
     yearRain = p_rainyear

--- End code ---


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