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Hello everyone,

I am a proud owner of a Davis Vantage pro 2 connected via a usb logger to my pc in order to download data to Cumulus mx and my website..

I just seen Davis is releasing a new WeatherLink console.. which I find really modern compared to the old one provided with the station (orange backlight)

Link to the new console is

Now my question is.. could this be a substitute of the old outdated console? So can I get the data from the new console to upload onto cumulus mx.. I want to make sure itís possible before pre-ordering at $300+ dollars..

Thank you!!

I don't know. . . but I do know I can't see your website until I delete from the url shown in your profile.

My website still on

I know, but if you click on the little green globe under your forum profile you go to, which is useless. . .

No it's not possible yet. The new console will not allow local data access at launch - however Davis do plan to add this capability at a later date.


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