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MK-III Locks up when temps hover around 0F

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I haven't tried the switch. I also haven't tried going over the solder joints on the mother board. Both seem a remote possibility since it happens consistently between 0 and 10 below (F) and at no other times--that's pretty specific. I will give your idea a try however since it's pretty easy to short the switch with an alligator clip. Thanks for the suggestion. It's going back below zero tonight. I'll report back.

I have lost connections on temp & humitity. I clean the connection and use Deoxit and it seen to help.

This evening the display went to all dashes again as temps dipped below 0F. This was after I bypassed the switch and the switch cable to the mother board by shorting the two pins on the mother board. This proves the power switch is not the problem. Interestingly, I had left the cover off and noticed that the mother board appeared to be working normally -- the LED was flashing once per second like it normally does. This has me wondering if the XBEE 2.4 GHz communication board (plugged into the mother board) could be the problem.

The XBEE PRO S1 communication board appears to have been discontinued but I did find a new board on Ebay for about $20 inc. shipping. If it works, it might be an inexpensive fix. I have ordered one and should have it installed in a week or so. Considering that it looks like our cold weather will be here a while, I should have plenty of opportunities to see if this fixes the problem. Stay tuned...

This is really weird. You could also try unplugging/plugging the xbee board a few times, to clean the contacts ( clearly with the power supply off )

It's been a long time since I played with the XBEE's but memory says swapping one in will not work, rainwise programmed them to be address 1 so a stock one does not work, there is also different code in the console one also. I could be wrong, but if you swap in a replacement and now it doesn't talk at all then don't be surprised. I have the code images saved somewhere, but you would still need a programmer to install that code. This was on a MK-III LR.


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