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Warning: Not all Ambient Weather Stations are made by Fine Offset

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This is just to inform would be buyers that Ambient Weather sells stations from different manufactures. In the weather station department I count 3 different manufactures currently. Most people assume that they are all made by Fine Offset. But Fine Offset is not the manufacture of some of these other less popular models.

What this means is that sensors are not compatible. I feel Ambient Weather offers these other brands to have more choices to offer as for example Fine Offset clones do not have a pool sensor. And then there is the other 3rd brand that seems to just fit a very low entry level that would definitely not qualify most people visiting this forum.

It also means that expandability option that you normally hear about like using an Ecowitt GW1000 and software like Weather-Display or Meteobridge will not work with those other ones that are not Fine Offset made.

If anyone knows what company is the manufacture of these other brands please let us know.

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the Red one is often rebranded
its often known as the Funk WH4000

a possible solution


--- Quote from: waiukuweather on September 10, 2019, 05:38:02 PM ---the Red one is often rebranded
its often known as the Funk WH4000

--- End quote ---

I've also seen it as Bresser. But I don't think Bresser is a manufacturer, and they are no longer carrying it. Also I think Funk seems to be a Froggit branding, not a manufacturer.

--- Quote from: mauro63 on September 11, 2019, 02:16:04 AM ---a possible solution

--- End quote ---

Yes, good find! UCTECH seems like the manufacturer for green circled ones.


The red one is branded in the UK as Youshiko YC9390:

This station can also be bought from Amazon for 20 more than from the UK distributor:

UK market is really poor when it comes to smart weather stations. It's almost impossibld to buy a Fine Offset clone in the UK.


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