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Need a special software program


I wish there was an app or program for both PC and Mac that would poll the weather station and send data to for both atmospheric AND soil station. sends only the atmospheric data and so far is reluctant to send in the soil moisture data.   

I have not the programming skills but it would be nice to have the software that would take the data from the Davis station and send it to  Globe.  Weatherdisplay had it for a while, but as the program became bigger with many lines of code,  and seemed that I was the only person who sent data, that routine was discontinued.  I fully understood.

However, it would be nice if someone could figure that out.

GLOBE email protocols don't allow for this info to be submitted. 

Are you a a GLOBE teacher? I am working with a couple people in Ohio and Michigan to get more stations onto GLOBE (my job is funded by NASA/GLOBE/AREN)

Im looking to network out to help facilitate getting more data loggers on stations without loggers (using custom wifilogger fw right now not even needing weatherlink)

Get in touch, would love to chat!

Actually, I stand corrected. 

Let's chat, I am still working on getting the current setup working perfectly, but would love to add more functionality.

I would like to enable ALL supported data via GLOBE email protocols and hopefully start getting them out to GLOBE schools asap. (we have 3-4 in the wild right now, still going through the growing pains but it's working well thanks to mr wifilogger!) 


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