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WS-2000 vs WS-2902A - List of differences

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I just ordered the WS-2000, I was in another thread and could not decide.  But, reading this, it helped me decide. Will have it Sunday from Amazon.


I Updated the first post in this thread to reflect that the WS-2000 with newest firmware 1.4.0 now gains some new abilities that were previously unique to the WS-2902A.

The WS-2000 now can:

* display RF signal strength of outdoor sensor array and also signal strength of optional sensors.
* display battery status of outdoor array and optional sensors. I think it only lights up when low battery as I don't see current status. I believe this is how the WS-2902A does this also for the outdoor sensor array.
* Rain Rate now displayed on the display of the WS-2000. This is also referred to as instant rain rate. This for me was the only reason I kept the WS-2902A around and as my choice to use for publishing to WU. Since I've not had rain yet I don't know if this Rain Rate is only on the display or if it also changes the reporting method to WU. I'll update when I get some rain which should be any day now. UPDATE: Yes the method of uploading data for rain rate has changed to instant rain rate!  \:D/
See this for more information regarding rain rate methods

This seems like a great and important update. I've not explored it yet to see what other new undocumented features may be in there.

The ws-2902 design is just terrible. Beside the impossible task of a smooth initial configuration (followed though by an impressive reliability) some decisions are just annoying. The angular power minijack is infuriating, the power brick cable is too short and have to be carried around if you want move the base in another room. Why not using a regular (probably chepear) widespread usb connector?
Plus they could have use the usb interface port to avoid all that IOT wireless configuration fiasco.
Oh and the stand is the most awkward overengineered solution to a simple problem i saw in a long time.
Beside that I love how flawless it works once configured and the API are always being super responsive and rock solid.

Really good and impressive write up and review by galfert. Very easy purchasing decision.


I just updated the OP to include the following for the WS-2000:

* Retains barometer calibration and other settings after power outage. The WS-2902A unfortunately forgets its barometric calibration when you remove power and batteries as you would need to do when servicing the outdoor sensor array to not get false readings. This is annoying on the WS-2902A.
I don't know if the WS-2902A also forgets temperature and humidity calibrations as I didn't test that (I'm not needing to do those). But barometric calibration is something that I and many people work hard at getting just right. It's not something I want to have to redo because I need to do routine maintenance of the outdoor sensor. Some people may not mind the false readings and they keep the console powered up during maintenance ... But if you want to do it right you power down the console and pull the batteries to avoid the false positives. This is not an issue with the WS-2000.

You can't just pull the batteries from the outdoor sensor array because it has a super capacitor inside that you can't disconnect. Even if you cover the solar panel the super capacitor keeps it running and transmitting to the console.

Maybe if you had a large Faraday cage to put the WS-2902A console into (so it stays powered up) while servicing the outdoor sensor array then you could get around this headache.  :grin:

This is a major plus for the WS-2000. If I only had a WS-2902A I'd be really annoyed. But because I have one of each console I can easily use the WS-2000 put the barometric settings back into the WS-2902A.


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