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Greetings from Switzerland! I hope you still have this beautiful Barograph and still want to know more about it?

I just (May 2023) bought an as new identical model 8003 at a technical flea market here in Switzerland. It came complete with a German language manual and a pack of new, blank charts.

I am very happy to share all this information with you, and hope that 6 years later you will still see this new post in your thread.

The (C-Cell, in US parlance - measures 50 mm (1.97 in) length and 26.2 mm (1.03 in) diameter.) dry battery appears to be dead, not surprising as the expiry date is June 2018. It's late Saturday evening, so having got it home I have to wait until I can source a decent quality cell for it. There is no way I will risk a cheaper battery in such a nice instrument!

The German company that manufactured this seems to still be in business, but has been absorbed (willingly) into a larger group of companies, OTT HydroMet. The Lufft web site is at, and you can view the site in both English or German. Contact details can be found on that site, but ping me if you need help. I'm a Brit, but am bi-lingual English-German.

The manufacturers site seems not to offer consumables, but I found both pen tips and charts at, that site is also viewable in German and English. 105 chart strips are priced at Euros 47.97 plus shipping. The previous owner (deceased) was a typically methodical Swiss, and had left an empty foil sachet labelled with all the details of the pens: Item # 8856.00, Color Violet, "Disposable Markers".

I have scanned the German manual and used a translation utility to translate the German PDF directly to US English, which I guess will be more useful! The translation scan was not perfect and scrambled/mis-translated some text and tables, so I'm sending both original German and English versions.

I would be interested to know how much you paid for yours? I have not been able to find either new or used prices. I paid the equivalent of an almost unbelievably low US $206, which for an as new device is a steal!

These barographs have an oil damper, that I guess is intended to stop the pen "jiggling" with sea motion or motor vibrations. Mine had leaked a small amount of oil because the seller had not followed the instructions in the manual to suck out the oil before shipping. The manual mentions that a container of light oil is supplied with the new instrument, and that the (plastic?) spout can be used to suck out the oil back into the container. I'm now searching for that container, which is listed as Item # 8863.00. If all else fails I will call the parent company OTT HydroMet in Stuttgart and ask them.

After all the years that have passed I hope you still have the barograph and that you find the information useful. It would be great if both, and if you could let me know.

Best regards, and happy weather! Richard Sargeant

Attaching the German original PDF.



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