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Author Topic: WeatherFlow Tempest - Coupon discount 10% COMPARETTOIVAN  (Read 5201 times)

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Re: WeatherFlow Tempest - Coupon discount 10% COMPARETTOIVAN
« Reply #75 on: December 19, 2021, 05:45:51 AM »
Haven't had Jerry's problems yet not having rain I can say I've seen the vibration issue and ended mounting on a rigid conduit at 6.8 feet. This is the heavy-walled that they thread and use for industrial. Any aluminum antenna or chain-link pole with our frequent 50-60 mph winds would vibrate enough to cause false rain. 

The issue I have negates the reason for purchase in the first place was to install near the airport ASOS and show how warm it runs but with any sunny sub 5 mph wind it heats beyond the ASOS and doesn't act like AI is doing anything to compensate for the low wind. It runs warmer than other passive shields I've tested against also.  It's apparent to me the AI adjustment for solar and wind is not working at all.  Our max solar is around 352 W/m2 which may seem low but this generates enough heat to cause issues with light wind.  Yesterday the FARS high was 20 f and the WF tempest was 24  I've had even larger spreads near 10 also I attributed it to snow reflection.  https://tempestwx.com/history/62536/day/2021/12/18

This is what it looks like once the wind gets under 5 mph with full sun.

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Re: WeatherFlow Tempest - Coupon discount 10% COMPARETTOIVAN
« Reply #76 on: December 19, 2021, 10:28:01 AM »
Vibration is not an issue, the station is mounted on an inch and a quarter galvanized pipe with no movement at all. When i looked at the bottom plate it was full of water bubbles from the rain and when the bubbles were removed the readings went back to normal. Now without this problem the rain readings have been very good compared to the two eight inch gauges. I haven't had any high temp readings with my station but we seldom get calm winds down here so will watch for that problem when the conditions are right. Now the drizzle/misty rain is going to be an issue with something that counts rain drops when there are no drops to be counted. I had a rain that had big drops very far apart for a very short period of time and it showed .0022 inches and said very light rain so it just needs drops to count. I don't know what they can do to fix the main problem because of the water issue, it is what it is, two for two heavy rain and wind with the same results and the same fix to clear the problem. Down here on the middle coast of Texas we get a lot of storms with several inches of rain in a short time and gusty winds and this is a real problem in using it for a main station. I will just have tg go with the Davis anny and tipping bucket rain gauge. I don't know enough about the sonic set up but the water is the key i think because removing the water fixes the problem right away. I am waiting for the summer when the Texas sun hits the station and see how it compares to the other two and maybe the R.M. Young shield which i will probably put back in use when we get out of the dense fog period we get this time of year.

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Re: WeatherFlow Tempest - Coupon discount 10% COMPARETTOIVAN
« Reply #77 on: August 20, 2022, 03:36:05 PM »
Hello everyone.  I update the post by informing that the COMPARETTOIVAN discount code is still valid for all the products in the weatherflow catalog.  It allows you to get 10% discount on the purchase of products.  As before, sales are only allowed in america and canada. 

At my place the tests always continue, the station is always very good and I am more and more satisfied with the purchase, I only had a problem some time ago with the thermohygrometric sensor that no longer sent me the temperature data, but the weatherflow promptly resolved the problem sending me a new external drive.  Really really great customer service.
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