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Insert Current Conditions CoCoRaHS Observation Notes
« on: November 10, 2020, 11:01:03 AM »
Saratoga Templates
One "Quick and Dirty" hack to copy and paste your station's current conditions into CoCoRaHS observation notes.

to notes submitted:

My version uses VWS data, NWS forecast, and Local Metar KFFT -- (you may have to change slightly for other reports???) Would've used the 'tags' from the WxIcons, instead of the full NWS text, but couldn't figure how to display just the 'title', 'alt', which sorta cramped the "copy and paste quickly"  a bit... (I'm pretty illiterate.)

I think basically for starters, all you need to do is: 
Create a copy of "Ajax-Dashboard.php" and rename it whatever...
From about lines 283 "start of ajax-dashboard.php" to about 957,"end of ajax-dashboard.php" replace with the attached.

You can then cut unused coding elsewhere to speed loading and server calls (moon, uv, etc)
Suggest Include only what you want to use... I include NWS forcast, "Yesterday's High" and "Today's Low" basically because of ETo reporting and reference
Remember all precip should be elsewhere in the CCR form...e.g. I Don't call rain, since time period and amt likely different.
CCR input won't print html or line breaks after submit...
so I dirtied a 'divider' using
 ~   ... change to suit ...

Access in browser. Copy text. Paste. Submit. Smile.
Suggest using "?" at end of page url access to make sure load latest.
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