Author Topic: Current status of (Hikvision) cameras used with browsers or VMS software  (Read 1607 times)

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I see the topic stream is less frequent here.  And going back in time there isn't an obvious answer to my concerns or a discussion so I'll ask.

I have a couple of Hikvision cameras that were so popular and gave pretty darned good pictures.  I mainly used them to play with and was always going to make a relatively waterproof enclosure and get one higher up on my tower to look over the trees at the horizon and watch for sunsets and weather and all the stuff the usual posters here do.  Having gotten distracted and busy, all of a sudden stuff stopped working with Firefox and other browsers loosing the ability to run a tweak that allowed one to look at the video stream and use all the neat stuff built into their cameras.   For a little while I got their iVMS to work, but now that doesn't even seem to let me look at the camera output.  Either I goofed it up, or something changed with that too.

I'm not at all interested in letting the cameras connect to the internet and their cloud to allow me to look at the stuff. A complete waste of bandwidth as far as I'm concerned, although it might be helpful for those wanting to check on their homes and stuff, I guess.

I just want to go to the camera's IP address, and see a video stream!

Did  Hik ever release a firmware patch to allow it to work that way?  Is there software that I can run on my local computer either as a stand alone or via a browser, that will allow me to look at the cameras? 

I'm getting around to wanting to do more, and indeed maybe use some climatronics enclosures to finally mount a camera up to let me see the sunsets and incoming storms this summer.

Thanks for any suggestions or if you know what I want to do just plain can't be done anymore, tell me that, too.

thanks guys.  Dale

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Dale, I have 9 Hik running and access them from IE version 11.371.  Just recently one of the cameras can be accessed but I can't see the live stream, I can only change configurations or reboot.  All the other cameras still work fine i.e. I can view the live stream from IE.

I have not looked into the "why this happened" yet, it is on the list.  Thinking it might be a firmware?

Anyway, I use Internet Explorer to view the cameras directly locally.