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home made skycam
« on: February 20, 2018, 09:09:26 PM »
hi everyone 

my skycam has been out side since 2012

it's been running 24 - 7 and is working very well 
some time ago, I update my website which is using the meteotemplate.
this template has an amazing plug-in for the skycam images

some time next month, I am hoping to refurbish the unit  will
update my website with photos,

the skycam images are very good has you can see what the weather has been like

the skycam cost about  40.00 to build

click on this link to  see the video and images, you need
to click on the calendar


weather-above weather station consists of a  1 wire system ,sky ir cloud temperature ,UV,solar home made modules , live data seismic instrument there is  lot of information on modified sensors,  and 1wire projects pleased  sign my guestbook

Mmichael Parry-Thomas