Author Topic: USGS pointing an epicenter location of mag 4.3 quake at 22:17 UTC really?  (Read 2194 times)

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Oh come on people pointing a wrong quake location makes our "Kababayan" (town people) working on abroad would misinterpret and mad at you USGS, how could you pointout that a quake strikes at 22:16 UTC last March 26,2017 pointing to Iloilo, while Ilo-Ilo is located at southern visayas in Panay in the philippines? Kindly check my site, and youll see in my SEISMOGRAM the right location of that quake, not in Iloilo, you are pointing in Pangasinan to be exact and that is Offcoast of Agno Pangasinan 260KM away from my home where my seismometer is (and its not "Ilio-ilio" ok its Ilo-ilo) and that is located in PANAY and ilo-ilo is the central city in Panay in philippines. You can also check our government earthquake monitoring agency regarding the location.
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