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I created a new station
The old one is fed by my meteobridge and no problems there
If it's indeed a WU bug, then so be it
My first station is still my primary
If the Wittboy can live up against my expectations then I'm tempted to sell my Davis and use the Wittboy and Ecowitt sensors instead
So I created a new WU site, fed by the GW2000 and moved my original WU station over to my GW1000.  Both devices are sending the same device data from my WS90.  So far after 1 day, the same spikes are showing on my old WU station, but not the new station.  It definately seems to be a WU issue.  I have sent them an email, but don't expect hear anything back.

Old WU site:
New WU Site:
I have been getting the same pressure, temp, UV, and solar spikes on mine as I mentioned in another topic. I think the problem is on WU's server side as Gyvate mentioned in that thread.  I created a new station on WU, and fed the WS90 to WU from my GW2000.  I also used my GW1000 to feed that same station to my old WU site.  After 1 day, I have multiple spikes in pressure, temp, UV, solar etc. showing in my old WU station, and none in the new WU station using the exact same data.  I also found an FAQ on Ambient's site that mentions this is a known bug on WU's site.

wsNoordbergum: Just out of curiosity, is this an old WU station/site that you changed over to the GW2000 feeding the Wittboy, or did you create a new WU station?  If it is old, do the spikes show up on your older data in the graphs before the Wittboy was put into service?

Neither of these explain the piezo rain spikes which are showing up on my Ecowitt site as well, and seem to be an issue with the unit itself.  I did look back on my second Wittboy which I didn't think had the problem, and found out it is also showing the random rain issue with no rain happening as well. That unit hasn't had as many false spikes.  For the month of May I'm showing .07 inches accumulated for my ground level Wittboy, and .13 inches for the roof mounted Wittboy.  My WH40 and manual Stratus guage accumulated 0 inches for the month of May.

Station Software Development / Re: Ambient Weather Android Widget APP
« Last post by mpatterson42 on Yesterday at 06:45:00 PM »
Thanks for the reply!  I am not sure if there's something I am missing but there seems to be a lot of data that isn't shown.  I'm a very inexperienced programmer but I was able to get a very basic Python app working that pulled the data from the device through the API.  I am attaching two screenshots from your Widget App (API key and MAC address were redacted) as well as the data I was able to pull from the API in a text file (API keys, MAC Address, and Location information has been REDACTED).  The two bits of data I am interested in are temp2f and temp3f.  In the app it only seems to be showing the value for tempf and tempinf.

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Check what the 'Rain Gain' is set to - Mine changed to 0.01 after the last firmware update!

Tried changing it back using WSView Plus, but it kept changing back to the 0.01 value - using the old WS View sorted it for me  [tup]
What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: Weather Station selection
« Last post by Sandstorm on Yesterday at 06:06:47 PM »
Cheers. Anyone have experience with the Netatmo systems ?
Station Software Development / Re: Ambient Weather Android Widget APP
« Last post by cheeroip on Yesterday at 06:00:33 PM »
thanks for trying the app out.

The widget settings should show the "raw" data with all the sensors reported by the station.

After a recent conversation with Ecowitt support I passed on the customer request for an alternative method of powering the WS80 unit - a battery extension pack.

Support came back to me saying that modifications had recently been made to the WS80 so that a newer version will draw power from the 12 volt heater power supply if used - the same as the new Wittboy WS90 array.

Our last delivery in early April did not include this revision and asking Ecowitt further the change cannot be visually identified without dismantling the product.

Since InfluxDB2 should actually be backwards compatible with InfluxDB1, there are currently no concrete plans.
However, I always collect the wishes of the users and prioritise (also) according to them. In this respect, I can imagine that support may follow.


sadly influxdb is pretty incompatible between version one and 2.
I took a look at the code.
On the github page it says that this library only supports Influxdb 1 and not 2.
It is suggested to use influxdb-client-python instead. For it to work The organization Token (password) and bucket would be needed. Maybe I will give it a try to implement it.
Thanks Gyvate for the time you used to reply with so many details, did not see Misol was on 433Mhz, thanks for poiting that.
Yea i seen the HP1000SE PRO  at 225+10€ shipping and it's one of my option.

The big advantage here of the WH2650WiFi is that i can use the availability of the data on my network .. let's say for example if i use it to control the house ventilation....
So maybe a WH2650 (99€) PLUS a console (130€ i think i've seen this price) would be the same price as the HP1000SE PRO...

Can i ... use a WH2650WiFi AND add a console for the display ? Will they all communicate properly with all sensors, i mean by that that no sensor got awareness of the console nor the WH2600... .they just send data every xx sec .. right ?
- correct - a sensor is like a radio station and a console is like a radio receiver - many radio receivers can receive the signal of the radio station (same frequency) - a console does not communicate with the sensor, it only receives; and a sensor only has a one-way communication: sends

Ok i've read your "Fine Offset (FOSHK) Weather Stations i.e. consoles, sensors and clones", now about sensors, let's say i need 8 temperature... 4 ground moisture sensors...
Where are they the most affordable ?
I've found those on Misol :
then you'd have a 3rd console (868 MHz) - the 5 WH31 T/H sensors can be received also by the HP2551/HP1000SE Pro console and the WH2650 console.
75 USD + 20% VAT (fr. TVA) =90 US = 87 EUR + shipping
or maybe even this one :
5 x 8.55 USD + 20% VAT = 42.50 + 8.5 VAT = 51 USD = 48 EUR + shipping - I don't think you need a 3rd console - but as you wish.
As it contain 5 temp/hygro captors and .. cost near the same as 5 captors at froggit. (90€)

On misol it seems the initial shippîng price is 29€.. if the parcel is big .. it goes up
you make up your calculation regarding all sensors plus shipping - and either get everything from Froggit or from different sellers (including Ecowitt:
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