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Title: Weatherwizz a few questions/issues.
Post by: broadstairs on August 17, 2021, 12:54:02 PM
I decided to set up WeatherWizz today using a custom server setup from my GW1000, actually it is using a second feed via another PC as I need more that the one custom server supplied. I have a few questions/issues with it.

1. Why does it show CO≤ when I don't have the sensor?
2. Why is my UV not reflecting the correct value - it was showing 0 all day (it is zero now!)
3. I am unable to edit my two additional temp/humidity sensors at all.
4. How do I get my lightning distance showing miles not kilometers?
5. Why is the wind speed not changing the the dark blue box I presume it's some sort of gust speed it's showing 10.3mph actual max gust today was around 16mph.
6. I do have a PM2.5 sensor so why is it not shown (Note: AQI used here in the UK is NOT the same as used elsewhere)

I need to avoid changing any units sent as it will mess up other things using the custom server data.

Title: Re: Weatherwizz a few questions/issues.
Post by: broadstairs on August 17, 2021, 05:54:11 PM
OK don't worry about any of my questions. I have decided I do not need this especially at £3/month to edit sensor names. Only issue I have left is how to delete my account and dashboard?

Title: Re: Weatherwizz a few questions/issues.
Post by: waiukuweather on August 21, 2021, 05:34:29 AM
keep up the good work.
you are not going to please everyone :)
Title: Re: Weatherwizz a few questions/issues.
Post by: weather34 on August 21, 2021, 06:57:18 AM
Hi Stuart,
I didnít see this post hence why I didnít reply until now. Your account has been deleted as request.  For anyone else who has questions on why I need support.
I setup WeatherWizz as a personal project, I personally pay all the costs associated with the server.  I decided to make it free for people to use If they have a similar setup to me.  If you have a particular setup that you would like WeatherWizz to accommodate then supporting the project would allow me the freedom to build and extend WeatherWizz to accommodate this.   

I am sorry you feel like I should pay for your customisations and the only thanks I get is a nasty post from you.

Cheers Mate!

dont let it deter you , learn to develop a thick skin , constructive criticism is worth its weight in gold but you will always have an inept minority that weighs in with no value to you or others,when things dont meet their requirements it becomes an end of the world scenario for them.

fwiw I really like what you have done ,love the simplicity and the clear relative display of weather station data , its nice to see something that is just focused on the owners weather station data not scraping radar ,aqi ,alerts stuff off other websites. i first saw this whilst I was on holiday a few weeks ago and you have expanded it without losing its originality, the key is to keep it sustainable at your development level not meaning your skill set but a sustainable manageable level and stick to your original idea, its very easy to fall into a trap of meeting end user demands and before you know it , all becomes unsustainable, a chore to maintain and the enjoyment of successfully achieving something is short lived. sadly whenever you throw fees,money into the equation this is where you need to develop that thick skin and put on your customer services hat  :grin:Ö.

just carry on and if you have 100 to 200 happy satisfied users and only one unsatisfied then your doing something right and it shouldnít deter you in anyway.
good luck and if anyone asks me about weather display which they do quite frequently its good to know something clean is readily available thats just focuses on weather station data.brian