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Title: WeatherLink not sending rain data to CWOP?
Post by: Red-Dave on June 16, 2021, 11:09:24 PM
I posted this originally over on the Davis side, with no replies. I hope it's appropriate to repost it here.  :?:

Hi All-
-WeatherLink 6.0.5
-Weather Monitor II
-Windows 10
I've just buried my old Win XP machine that used to run VWS and VWSAPRS sending to Wunderground and CWOP. (RIP old friend.) Managed to get my WMII and WeatherLink 6.0.5 on a newer machine sending to WeatherLink.com that then forwards on to Wunderground every 15 minutes. Locally I have the software uploading to CWOP but it's not sending them any rain info, or if it is, they aren't displaying it. I'm still tweaking and finding my way around the new stuff (to me). Any idea why that rain data isn't reflected on the CWOP side? It does show up on Wunderground and on WeatherLink.com though.
Thanks all.