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Title: Alfred Camera App Android/IOS
Post by: ocala on June 13, 2021, 06:35:11 AM
Recently found this on Google Play. https://alfred.camera/  It lets you use your old smartphones as security cams. After a week so far so good. I have 4 phones set up all inside the house. I signed up for the monthly plan just to try it out at $4.99 but I think a yearly sub is about $30. It has a motion detection option where you can set it up for a particular day or hours during the day. I even have one set up as a cloud cam but unfortunately it doesn't have a timelapse option.
It  will record a motion event up to 120 seconds and it sends you a notice when it captures something. I keep all the phones plugged in because it's a  live picture all the time so it does use some battery.
There are other apps out there that do this but this is the only one I have tried.