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Title: StrikeStar imminent end
Post by: Bluecore on January 31, 2021, 09:51:18 PM
Hey yíall,
 I moved from Ft. Lauderdale to the mountains of Tennessee almost 3 years ago. Our new home is very remote and doesnít have internet available. For this reason, Iíve been off the Strikestar network.  We are in the process of preparing and wiring for Starlinks arrival in the next few weeks and when I went online I was disappointed to learn that the network is going offline permanently.  :roll:
 A quick search here revealed an almost launch of a replacement but itís been quiet since (April 2020). I have a Boltek lightning detector and would like to continue to contribute that data but havenít been able to find a replacement. What is everyone doing?

Thanks a ton!
Title: Re: StrikeStar imminent end
Post by: JupiterJoe on February 12, 2021, 12:59:29 PM
I am a member of their new network, Microsferics, as well as Blitzortung, and StrikeStar. I use NexStorm for my Boltek, but that's about all it connects to now. I was bummed about StrikeStar, but they aren't anywhere near as accurate as the Time Of Arrival systems such as Microsferics and Blitzortung.
Check out Microsferics. It is coming along and we're looking forward to a stand-alone detector coming soon. https://microsferics.com/ Forum: https://forum.astrogenic.com/
Blitzortung is another option, but the waiting list is loooong and you have to put together the kit yourself.