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Ecowitt GW1100 fell offline and can't recover


I've run an Ecowitt GW1100 and sensors since 2021 and posted to Wunderground. Previously, occasional power failures have recovered automatically. Over the weekend, I tried moving the GW1100 gateway to another location and another 5V power supply and that did not work. I moved it back to its original location, restarted, used the WSViewPlus app to confirm things were working okay. Timezone was wrong, and I corrected it and rebooted.

Weather is showing up correctly on the site, in CWOP/MADIS, in my WeeWx website, and other sites, but not on Wunderground. I removed and re-entered the credentials to Wunderground on the GW1100, saved and rebooted again. Wunderground still displays as "Offline." since Saturday the 3rd (posting now on Monday the 5th).

There are no logs on the GW1100 or any debugging info I can see to determine if the gateway is sending bogus info, or none at all, but all other sites seem to be reporting sane results. This makes me think the problem is at WU not rechecking my feed. Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot or poke WU to reconnect?

Never mind.  :oops: The GW1100 was confused after its encounter with an incompatible power supply, and needed a full *reset* and resetting of the entire configuration to get it back up and running. Glad the bad power supply didn't zap it more seriously.


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