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want to disable my weather station for a few months - best way to do that?


I'm posting this here, because most upload to at least the Weather Underground - but it really applies to all weather networks.

How best to handle a TEMPORARY shutdown of your weather station. For a few days, I figure, just not upload and then get back to it. But how about for a few weeks, or a few months? The weather station will come back soon enough - in the same location, but for a period of time it will not be there. Is there a reasonable way with most networks to say "I'll be away for a while but don't delete my data, etc as I will be back?"


I know from personal experience, if you shut down your WUnderground for more than 2 weeks, you won't be able to go back.

At least that's what happened to me.  About 4-ish years ago, WU was having troubles with my Bloomsky pics.  I created a new WU station for testing.  It worked, for 2 weeks.  Then it puked too.  I tried going back to my original account and it wouldn't let me.  I "had" the second station in my city for 10 years.  Lost that #2 position.  So now I'm at #26.

I still upload to WU, but upload data.  All WU content I removed from my site.

As far as the website goes, I've added text to my Saratoga scripts header.php before.  You can add downtime.  In my case, I have text letting everyone know I have a webcam now.  I'll leave it up for a month.


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