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Been wanting to do this for awhile.  Especially since my Bloomsky died a couple of years ago.

Add me to the list of IPTimelapse users.  Installed camera barely 2 hours ago.  Not only have IPTimeplase started, but I used another user's code here to update my images every 3 seconds.  So live pictures updating that fast negates me needing a video page, IMO.

I plan on waiting a week or so for IPTL to make my daily timelapse videos.  Once that's done, I plan on using YouTube storage to post my videos there.  Or not, we'll see.


BTW, the camera is a Reolink Duo 2 camera.  It has two cameras, stitched into a single wide angle.  Virtually a 180 degree view with minimal distortion.

Very nice, I like the view!

I wonder what camera you chose, and what night time views will look like?  With that rapid of an update, we might actually see some lightning, too.

Very nice and thanks for the note and look forward to any updates when they happen.

Yeah, I'm curious how night vision will turn out as swell.  I have the IR lights turned off, since it's up too high to do any good.  I'll have to wait for night to see if color night vision works at all, or if I should turn that off too.

I'm sure I'll eventually get lightning, with 3 second updates.  Might even tonight yet!

Come 4th of July, I'm betting my neighbor that direction will have fireworks caught too.

I like the 180 deg view. Like you said, almost no distortion, very nice.

After some experimentation, I landed on 3-sec updates. I tried both 1- and 2-sec updates to try for a smoother loop but IPTimelapse had trouble creating a 24-hour timelapse video. IPTimelapse runs on my Windows 11 10th Gen Intel Core™ i7-10510U Processor with 32GB RAM with an NVIDIA MX110 2GB graphics card but for some reason, it just couldn't process a 24-hour loop. Although, now that I think about it, I was trying to create those video files when I had 16GB of RAM. I upgrade to 32GB a couple of months ago. Maybe IPTimelapse could create the files with a 2-sec update rate with the extra RAM. I might try it.

I use YouTube for my live view (https://novawx.dscloud.me/wxcamlive.php). I store my daily timelapse videos locally on my Synology NAS - here's a sample of the May 2023 archive page (https://novawx.dscloud.me/202305.php). So far I've stored 15 months' worth of 24-hour timelapse files that's using 166GB of storage. I still have 1.7TB of free space on my server, so I'm good for a while!

I have captured cloud-to-ground lightning with 3-sec updates. At the bottom of this webpage, https://novawx.dscloud.me/wxmedia-tstm.php, I have a still image of a cloud-to-ground strike and a short video showing a lightning strike that overexposed the CCD on the camera.

Just tried viewing your cam at https://www.bismarckweather.net/wxwebcam.php but no image is displayed. I'm interested in the 180 degree camera you are using.


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