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A few of my scripts


I just helped a fellow member get some rain data on their site, and the NOAREC data up as well.  I have 3 main scripts that I've either helped on, or designed myself.  I'm no where near the capability of some fellow WXForum members.  But I thought I would document what I can and share them for others to use.

I like to rotate my banner images in the header to keep my site fresh.  So I did some copy/paste/edit work and made a random image rotation.  Just put some images in a folder, and each time you load the page, it'll randomly select one.

Before the NOAAREC.PHP file came about, I maintained my own spreadsheet and series of TXT files.  That way it would show today's rain and temperature data.  I have documentation on how to do that.

I also documented how to implement the NOAAREC.PHP file, if you have a local WFO office.  So you can show your record/normal temperature data.

I've put them on a script page here:

I'm not as good as Ken at coding how to documents.  So I have the instructions in Word/PDF files.

Hope you can put them to good use!

Hey 92merc,
  Thank you very much for helping get my NOAARECS up and running at https://csraweather.org  Ladies and Gentlemen,  this guy is very consistent and responsive when it comes to getting any of his scripts up and running on your site.  I, too, am not a php coding guru like some of you are, but 92merc helped me learn how to do the coding required.  Thanks again!


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