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3G Cellular Service Shut-Off


Anybody else know if they will be affected by the shut-off of 3G cellular service in the U.S. this year?

The Onset HOBO station I oversee is impacted, and a new 4G cellular $y$tem will be required. AT&T is still talking about shutting 3G service down on Feb. 22, although people are still raising objections and asking for a delay.

Rich K.

A few of our remote stations were affected. However, when the 2G transition happened, we converted everything to a WeeWX/Raspberry Pi/USB modem setup.

The stations we had to switch to 4G only cost ~$30 each which is what the newer LTE USB modems cost us.

not weather wise.

My 2015 truck no longer will call 911 or have a 3g internet connection anymore. More worried about the call 911 option if there was ever a problem and I could not get to my phone


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