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I just got emailed 3 hours ago. 2pm 30 Dec 2021 NZST that there is a camera that's come out with Ambient Weather. In the past I've considered getting one, but didn't end up doing so. This post belongs in the Weather Web Cams and Ambient Weather section. Neat to see that Ambient has released one. Currently listed for $99 USD (NZD$161.54) [free shipping in the USA]. It has 3x reviews, all 5 star. The earliest one being 28 Oct 2021, so it must have been out for a while now. It supports Windows 7 and later (plus other systems listed below), which I think is great. It says that "With 30pcs IR-LED, Night Vision Range up to 20m" in the manual. Only 25FPS which isn't as high as some things, but good enough for Weather. It is currently in stock.

Product Reviews (3)   
 Joseph B  Verified Buyer12/02/2021
Excellent product. Works just as described.
 Eric G  Verified Email11/29/2021
Great product easy setup. The night vision looks great..

 Earl Z  Verified Buyer10/28/2021
Service and delivery was great, follow up support was very good as well.

The product description reads:
Bring your Weather Station environment to life with the Ambient Weather Camera for Our 2K/ 4MP Outdoor Waterproof Wi-Fi Camera is designed to capture images and transmit them directly to your dashboard for posting or sharing.

Ultra HD 4MP (2304x1536) display resolution with 6X digital zoom at 20fps, wide field of view up to 112 degrees viewing angle
IP66 Weatherproof & 66ft Night Vision: With 30pcs infrared LEDs, the camera can capture clear images in the darkness, and the night vision distance is up to 66ft
Alexa Compatible with APP & Firmware upgraded
System Requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7,8,10; Mac OS
Browser: Microsoft IE9 and above version, Edge; Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome; Apple Safari.
Storage: Supports max 128G Micro SD card, local and FTP storage
Power supply: DC 12V/ 1.0A
Weight: 375g"
The accessories are as follows:
"Our 2K / 4MP Outdoor Waterproof Wi-Fi Camera is designed to capture images and transmit them directly to your dashboard for posting or sharing.

Add optional waterproof junction box (#WC-FMWJUNCTION)
Yes +$32.99 Qty:
Add optional 33' Power Extension Cable (#WC-FMBEXTENSION33)
Yes +$18.99 Qty:
A max quantity of 3 can be selected from the option above
Add Heat Shrink Tubing for the extension cable (#WC-HEATSHRINK)
Yes +$10.99 Qty:
A max quantity of 4 can be selected from the option above"

Really neat to see them coming out with new products. I looked at their website and noticed that most of the old non WS-2000 WS-5000 and WS-2902 stations they no longer sell, I guess a move to the more modern designs that they've done.

Will be good to here more reviews about the Camera. :)

Casing and build/specs appear very close if not identical to the Foscam unit

My experience with Foscam in the past was too much 'calling home to China' and blocking of ports on firewall rendered it useless, but that was some time ago.

interested as well to hear reviews!

Could one not just buy the Foscam and configure it to upload to ambient?

My Foscam 9900 is loading to Ambient

Cool.. now we need a solar panel and supercap or batteries. I'm sure its been done.


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