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I'm kindly new in this field. I bought a WH2600 Weather station , I setup it correctly and put my ID and KEY ID from the WeatherUnderground website after adding my device.

I still not have any data uploaded to the website and I am wondering what I did wrong.

This is the actual setup of IP and Authentication in attachment. I tried to do a POST on but I'v got a 404.

Does anyone have a hint of what's wrong ?

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are you sure your device ID is not 10 characters?
verify deviceID and password here:

Thank you for your help and reply.

This is what I'v got from the website. I put both information as Station ID and Password I put the KEY, Is it correct ?

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It's definitely 8, but go ahead and remove that pic and change your key on the site and in your weather logger.  The other issue, which I do not know about is the PHP setting. is definitely up.  replies back to me at work as: []

Did you try to make a GET or POST on this website ? It's returning a 404. Ping is working also on my end


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