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433MHz RF to USB anyone?

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That is grand!!! What a great step for mankind  :-)

I ordered the sdr. Will keep you posted.

Thank you so much for your response and info!


I have the SDR (based on Rafael Micro R820T tuner) and running rtl_433 v20.11-55. The output I get from my Atlas can be seen in attached screenshot. There is no air pressure in the output. Is there a version of rtl_433 which decodes that as well?

Thank you!

The sensor for the pressure is located in the console, so RTL_433 will not decode the pressure. It will only decode what is being sent from the outside sensors. If your console has an micro-USB connector you can interface the console to the RPI to capture all the data.

Mmhhh, I have the Indoor Display for the Atlas (model 06061). It has a micro USB connector, but nothing happens when I plug that into the PC. I guess it needs a special driver. Or has anyone figured out how to use that port?

What is RPI?

Thank you!

RPI is a Raspberry PI a single board computer.


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