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433MHz RF to USB anyone?

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--- Quote from: nars on October 14, 2021, 05:01:48 PM ---I would also like to purchase a WH32B sensor without the console but unfortunately the guys at ecowitt doesn't reply my emails :(  Anyone have any suggestion on how to contact them? Can't understand why they don't list this sensor as spare available to buy on the site, but their FAQ says it's possible to order it and to contact them...

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You can safely send your order to support at ecowitt dot net, specifying what you need, asking to pay via paypal or what you like.
Maybe there is a small delay due to national holidays at beginning of month.

Thank you davidefa, I didn't knew that address with .net either, the 1st one I tried near 1 week ago was similar but ending in .com (that's what is shown on their site), then yesterday tried the gmail one they show on their facebook page, I will wait some more days and if I get no reply I will try the .net.

Just for your information, ecowitt guys just replied me today (to my message sent to ecowittweather AT, they did add the sensor available to order as an option at:
I did already order it. Not sure if they will keep the option there or if they added it just temporarily for me to order it.


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