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433MHz RF to USB anyone?

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I don't remember where I got mine but they seem to be available in a few places,  like here:

I see you are in Portugal. Try Amazon, they have them, at least here in the U.S.

Thank you uwemundry! I will check, but I would prefer if I could get a 433MHz version if possible, that's why I was trying to get the ecowitt, and also shipping from China is cheaper :)  I know that rtl-sdr is able to receive 800/900MHz but 433MHz would be better as I have rtl_433 already listening at other sensors on 433MHz, then it would also RX this one without freq. switching or similar, but yes if I can't really get the 433MHz one then I may try the Ambient Weather.

Edit: I did just find that ecowitt guys also have a gmail email and a facebook page, I will try again to contact them :)

Not sure about multiplexing rtl_433 on multiple frequencies. I am using two sdrs both plugged into a usb hub and hub plugged into the PC. I start one on 433 and the other on 915 MHz. That gives me full resolution for each. Therefore for me it does not matter if the wh32b emits on one or the other.

Yes, one separate rtl-sdr for each band that's surely a solution, I will see what I can get.
Thanks for the suggestions! :)


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