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433MHz RF to USB anyone?

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Not sure if this would be the proper forum. If not, please let me know where it should go. Thank you!

I am looking for an end-to-end solution to receive/decode the 433MHz RF coming off an AcuRite Atlas 5 in 1, and feed the stream into a PC USB port. Like a black box with an antenna and a USB cable attached to it. Then potentially write the stream to a file on the PC.  Is any hobbyist out there willing to sell one? Like many others I really don't want to spend the time to work on this myself.

Thank you!

Find out why rtl_433 doesn't support the Atlas, and then assist in adding support for it.  All of the heavy lifting has already been done in rtl_433 for practically every other weather station...including Acurite's other stuff.....

Thank you, vreihen. If I had the time I would. Is why I was inquiring about a blackbox solution. Any takers?

1-1/2 years have passed since my last inquiry. Does anyone have this by now?

Thank you!


RTL_433 supports the Atlas.

I'm using with RTL-SDR for the radio.  First I installed on MacBook.  Now it's running on a RaspPI
took about 2 hrs total, and a few youtube tutorials.

If you're building you system from the beginning, can't go wrong with MQTT to get the 433 data to your endpoint.  RTL_433 has MQTT function built in.  MQTT has a lot of support.

I'm quite an amateur when it comes to RaspPi, so happy to talk and help


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