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I went through the GLOBE Protocol eTraining for Atmosphere and it says I can now submit data to GLOBE. The site says I'm a member of "United States of America GLOBE v-School" but I can't find the School ID that requires for uploading data. Any help on locating the School ID?

Go to your atmospheric site for the Davis station and look at the URL..    it's not the most intuitive way but it works

Okay, cool. Still gotta actually create the site because it asks for objects within 14, thermometer height in inches, slope, etc, stuff I won't be able to measure until I get off work in the morning. Glad there's a way to get the School ID though cuz the only documentation I can find about it says you have to go to a manage page I don't have access to.

You can edit those variables later.  I think 120cm is the "default" choice and the slope stuff isn't required to create the site if memory serves

Happen to have a wifilogger ?

Just an fyi wifilogger won't work with globe through weatherlink but we've been working on native support for a bit.  He's got the code really solid. 

I'm trying to get a bunch more GLOBE schools online with the wifiloggers.  Good reception so far but it's been a process working around schedules and GLOBE being a closed ecosystem for academics and "stem professionals.  "


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