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I recall you telling me the RG-11 wasn't very accurate in tipping mode. I thought I'd share my first experience using it. I have mine running in an experimental install right now. Before the rain today it had erroneously recorded 4 bucket tips. But, since it started raining today, so far I have .15" as measured in my Stratus RG202 rain gauge. Subtracting the 4 erroneous bucket tips the RG-11 is tracking exactly the same rainfall. My Ambient Weather 2080 has recorded .20" so it's a bit over counting.

I consider the RG202 to be the Gold Standard at my location.

Just thought I'd let you know. More data to come as my experimenting continues.

Cool. I have a couple of thoughts.

I got mine and started this topic back in Oct 2011. In the last 5 years they may have improved the firmware.

Second, what was the storm like? In last weekend's very light rain event, my 2 Davis, the Rainwise, and the Stratus all recorded 0.16" of rain.

However, the 0.0001" Hydreon recorded only 0.0419", the drop counter 103o drops.

We have a better storm on tap for tomorrow...

Yeah, I thought about firmware updates too. However, I have had another rain since where the RG-11 was a bit off so maybe the storm I reference above was an anomaly in accuracy. We are expecting rain over the next couple of days so I will track it again. I'll try to capture samples with timestamps this time. I didn't have that as an option during the first storm. I have attached the graph from wunderground as reported by my WS-2080 below to give you an idea of the levels of intensity. In verbose terms it was a steady moderate rain with waves of downpours.
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Right now, my 3 tippers are at 0.21", the Hydreon, tipper at 0.2838" (over reporting) and the drop counter at 1407, or 2.08 drops per 0.0001", way fatter drops than I've seen before...


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