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RG11 as a rain rate/intensity detector

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--- Quote from: Bushman on December 06, 2016, 06:47:12 PM ---Neat!  Basically a bell curve - normal distribution.  Now you need to correlate the drop size with rate/intensity etc.   :)

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Yeah, I have some ideas like that. However, now that I have this part working, I realize that there are some inaccuracies inherent in my methods.

For one thing, the 2 RG11s are about 14 inches or 8 sensor diameters apart, which I think may cause some measuring inconsistencies I saw while watching the clicks come in. So, before it rains tomorrow, I'll move them closer together.

Then there is a potential sampling or measuring bias. Right now, I log the respective counts once a minute. However, that can be somewhere random in between emulated tipper tips, while still counting drops. I'll have to see if I can log on tipper clicks instead of time to minimize that.

And, using the standard we are all used to, the 0.01 tipper, is comparatively so long between tips next to the 0.0001" emulation, I'm not sure how well it would correlate intensity.

I do have a third RG11. I might set it up as a 0.001" tipper for fun...

I run my RG11 in 0.001"/tip emulation mode. I have it interfaced to one of my Davis stations, originally a Temp/Hum, but configured as an ISS depending on which receiver it goes to (meteo-bridge-hubs).

I decided on the 0.001"/tip in order to get finer granularity for rain start/stop times. I considered the 0.0001"/tip but I was concerned about relay life. I these fine gradation modes, even drop counting, I would think that relay life would be a concern. I couldn't find a spec for the relay, it is probably in the millions of cycles. I still didn't want it to beat itself to death.

Greg H.

Well, Greg, let's see...

Where you live get 31" of rain annual average.  With a perfect 0.0001" emulation, that would be 310,000 relay clicks a year.

For the drops/0.0001" from the storm I've been working with, that would be about 1.5 million rain drop clicks a year.

OTOH, if I recall correctly, here our average annual wind speed is about 5 mph. That's about 14 million clicks per year of a Davis anemometer. 

And, the RG11s are only $59 now. I think I paid $100 for my first one.

I think you're good to up the rates if you want, and long as you aren't running the relay close to the max spec on voltage/current. (and you're not.)


--- Quote ---Hmmm, I may still have my original Visicalc disk around here somewhere...
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Not in the same league as you Chris, but I do have the original Multiplan diskette and manual that I glanced at last night.  It does have a Multiplan vs. VisiCalc key comparison.  I used it in my first accounting job and did the books on it for our local municipality on my personal Commodore 64 until I was able to set up a real computer environment at work.


Anyone here ever hear of 10 Planner?


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